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"Ooooohhhh, give me the words, give the words, but tell me nothing!"

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Pásele y escúchele, rolitas para disfrutar la nublazón que anuncia la lluvia (90’s nostalgique).

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"And loneliness has never been a stranger to me, but love tried to welcome me…"

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Llueve, y yo canto rolas tristes.

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Jonathan May - Awake (2013)

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Faces of Tibet

Wherever I live, I shall feel homesick for Tibet. I often think I can still hear the cries of wild geese and cranes and the beating of their wings as they fly over Lhasa in the clear, cold moonlight …
- Heinrich Harrer, Seven Years in Tibet

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Olafur Eliasson layers a riverbed within louisiana museum of modern art.

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Delft, Echo Morgan

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French photographer Antoine Bruy spent three years (2010 - 2013) aimlessly hitchhiking around remote European regions documenting the affairs and lifestyle of former city dwellers turned off-grid families. Antoine offered labor (helping raise livestock, tending to farmlands) in return for housing and an intimate, more in-depth understanding of this largely undocumented subsociety.

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Michael Wolf

Paris Rooftops

Being born in Munich, growing up in Canada and the United States and now living in Hong Kong, German photographer Michael Wolf is fascinated by his surroundings and contemporary life in big cities. After capturing the architectural density of his adoptive hometown and claustrophobic images of public transport passengers, Wolf now offers a different view on Paris. His series „paris roof tops“ avoids all the clichés connected to the „city of lights“ and instead features geometric patterns and muted colours in the distinctive looks of the French capital’s buildings.

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Christopher Russell - Untitled (Interiors) (2006-10)

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